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Climate Change

Climate Change has become a growing concern due to the warming of temperatures around the world. Climate change is a change in the distribution of weather patterns around the globe. These changes can result in the melting of the polar ice caps, rising sea levels, changes to ocean currents, and changes to precipitation patterns. 

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Why is Climate Change Important?

Climate change adds risk to all of our lives. Changes in precipitation patterns mean increased risk of extreme weather including hurricanes, floods, drought, and wildfires. In extreme cases, climate change could cause forced migration and displacement of populations, national security concerns, water and food shortages and civil unrest.

Everyone should take extra caution to be aware of the risks in your area and what you can do to be better prepared.

Economic losses and insured losses caused by natural catastrophes, with extreme weather events, cause billions of dollars in losses and climate change is predicted to increase these trends.

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Ways to Get Involved

• Speak to your elected representatives
• Sign a petition
• Lessen your footprint
          -You can take steps in your everyday life to lessen you carbon footprint and decrease the amount you contribute to climate change. 

You can make a difference!

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