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The Great ShakeOut

The Great ShakeOut is the biggest earthquake drill in the world. The drills are an annual opportunity to practice what to do in case of an earthquake. The Great Shakeout takes place across the United States and other countries around the globe. The Great ShakeOut is designed for individuals, families, schools & colleges, businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and community groups.

 Worldwide in 2016 over 55 million people participated in the Great ShakeOut drills.

The Great ShakeOut is intended to inform people how to protect themselves during an earthquake emergency and gives you and your family or coworkers an opportunity to practice these skills together. This training encourages preparedness and allows for a faster and more resilient recovery.

Practicing your response helps your “muscle memory” learn the right response to a dangerous situation. It is also designed to protect your loved ones and those closest to you. By taking part in the Shakeout Drill you will be demonstrating leadership in your community and setting an example for others to be prepared.

Earthquakes are an ever present risk in certain regions in the country and in the world. The training you undertake now will strongly impact your quality of life afterwards. When an earthquake strikes, everyone feels it and needs to respond. The Shakeout Drill is a great opportunity for everyone in your community, workplace and home to practice responding together.

Practicing your response is easy! Just practice the critical skills of Drop, Cover, Hold On. This can take as little as one minute. If you want to do more, you can hold more extensive drills and gain more information on preparedness. Check out for more information and to register for the Great ShakeOut Drill in your region and country.

By registering, you can receive Great ShakeOut email updates and learn more about new Great ShakeOut materials. You will receive preparedness tips and learn more about what others are doing to prepare.

Remember, “Drop, Cover, Hold On!”